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Our story

Zanshin Karate has been serving Martial arts students in CK since 2012

Zanshin Karate started in 2012 as a program at the YMCA of Chatham-Kent. The demand for classes became so strong that it became necessary for the quickly growing karate club to find a home with a broader range of times available for classes.

Zanshin met at Sprucedale United Church until 2017, when – as a result of continued growth – it partnered with Brio Academy and moved to its current location at 330 Richmond Street, Chatham.

Students of Zanshin Karate and their families rave about the traditional atmosphere of the karate club – which begins and ends with respect, and balances strong training with encouragement and fun in a way that keeps the students coming back for more!

Zanshin karate is proud to associate with martial arts leaders in Canada, and around the world:

  • World Combat Association
  • International Ryukyu Karate-Jutsu Research Society
  • GKC Global
  • Karate Ontario
  • Karate Canada
  • World Karate Federation
  • National Coaching Certification Program

Meet the Zanshin Team

Renshi Daniel Whittal, Chief Instructor
Sensei Patricia Wright (And Georgia)
Maria Whittal, Kinder Kix Instructor

Register now to join the Zanshin Karate Family!

Registration for all our programs are handled through Brio Academy! You can register for our Karate and Kinder Kix classes online, and then get ready to enjoy being a part of our award-winning karate club, and a member of the Zanshin Family.