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Kinder Kix (ages 4.5-7)

Kinder Kix is a one-of-a-kind program created specifically for our youngest karate students – we equip them with all the skills and training they need to carry their interest into studies at Zanshin Karate.  We’ve worked to craft a program that makes all of the benefits of traditional karate accessible to your little one! Our specially-designed curriculum is created to empower your child through activities that are designed to align with Health Canada’s physical literacy milestones.

Beginner Kids karate (ages 8-14)

For kids older than 7, Zanshin Karate is the place for lifelong martial arts learning. It’s here that our students are able to get serious about their karate training. We offer the perfect balance of tradition and innovation, discipline and fun, and physical and mental challenge. Here, students learn a traditional style known as Shorin Ryu, which is one of the oldest styles of karate.

Intermediate and advanced karate
and adult beginners

Our curriculum is built on tradition, and incorporates the very latest advances in self-defence, physical fitness and martial arts research to create a challenging, practical, thorough martial arts program. Our intermediate and advanced students train twice per week, and each class is a fantastic, high-energy workout. Our curriculum incorporates practical self-defence and sparring training into our training, so our students have the perfect balance of traditional kata and practical skills. Our students and families rave about our program – come and find out for yourself what makes Zanshin special.

We invite beginners ages 14+ to contact us to register, most of the time, beginners this age are most comfortable joining our intermediate or advanced trainings.

Beginner and advanced Kobudo (weapons)

The translation of Karate is ’empty hands’, so our weapons class – although deeply rooted in tradition – is not technically karate, but a martial arts all its own.

Karate’s sister martial art is “kobudo” – ancient weaponry. The weapons we train in are tombo, bo, sai, nunchaku, tonfa, and kama. We also welcome guest instructors for Iaido and Chinese Fan. We offer Kobudo classes for any student at Zanshin that has completed their yellow belt testing. We run beginner and advanced Kobudo classes, so there is something for all levels!

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Registration for all our programs are handled through Brio Academy! You can register for our Karate and Kinder Kix classes online, and then get ready to enjoy being a part of our award-winning karate club, and a member of the Zanshin Family.