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We ask all students to register for classes through Brio Academy’s Family Portal. You can follow any registration link on this site, and it will take you there. We do this so that families can ensure their information is correct, and policies and waivers are read and electronically signed each year. In order to complete registration, you’ll choose a pre-authorized payment method for tuition (we accept VISA, MasterCard and direct debit from your bank account). 

Tuition payments are due on the 1st of the month, and are processed automatically through the payment method you’ve chosen. You don’t need to do anything, or worry about coming in during business hours! We’ve streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible.

Yes, you do. Every family at Brio must have a valid pre-authorized payment method on file in order to register. Upcoming tuition fees can be seen through your family portal. The full balance of your account is always run on the first of the month, using the PAP method we have on file.

In the event of a charge being returned for insufficient funds, a $25 NSF fee will be added to that student’s Brio account to cover the bank fee that is charged to Brio. Please call ahead or pay ahead if other arrangements need to be made.

If you are wondering what class is the right fit for you, please reach out and let us know! We work with hundreds of students every year, and can help you find the perfect fit! If you’re not sure you’re ready to register, you’re welcome to try a class as long as there’s space available.

One of the best parts of Zanshin is how well our families get to know each other. The lobby is a busy place on karate nights. However, we do not allow parents in instruction rooms for any Zanshin Karate classes. Your child must be able to enter and stay in the room by themselves, and we provide viewing either by window or by CCTV into our lobby.

We do charge HST on all classes at Zanshin, and almost all classes at Brio Academy. Only children’s music lessons are currently exempt from HST. All prices listed on our website is exclusive of HST. If you have a tax exemption, please let us know.

In our karate classes, we wear a traditional karate ‘gi’. These are required for belt testing, and for all belts from yellow-black. We do not require beginners to purchase a gi right away, but most of them do. We sell these gis through out in-house shop, Sparks Imagination.

Kinder Kix students are not required to purchase a gi, but we encourage them to wear a full gi or a Kinder Kix t-shirt, a belt and either gi pants or athletic pants. Our Kinder Kix program involves mini-testing and the awarding of ‘Skill Stripes’, which are applied to the child’s belt.

After a student has received a colour belt (yellow and above), sparring becomes part of the regular curriculum. A sparring set must be purchased in order for students to participate. Sometimes, families are willing to sell gently-used equipment, and as much as possible we try to help facilitate that exchange.

We do have some weapons available for use in our Kobudo classes, but we can’t guarantee that we will have a weapon for your student to use. We recommend Kobudo students have their own bo for all classes.

We do! We want to help make lessons as affordable as possible, and so we offer family discounts on all group classes offered through Zanshin Karate and Brio Academy. The number of classes listed in the discount table below are ‘per family’. You do not need to register for 3 classes per individual in order to activate the discount.

1st and 2nd class: Regular price
3rd and 4th class: 20% percent off
5th and more: 50% off

This is a discount program for group classes only. This does not apply to private lessons, family music classes or sessional classes, which may have their own discount structure.

Because we live in Canada, we’ve come to expect some inclement weather in the winter months.

We account for TWO weather days per year in our tuition fees for group classes. If you have the same class cancelled more than two times, we will offer a makeup later in the year. We do not offer discounts based on weather, but we do track and address cancellations based on this policy. 

Typically, if schools are closed, we will be, as well. We do not automatically cancel classes because of bussing. If schools are open, but the weather continues to degrade throughout the day, or a weather emergency is declared, we will notify families via email, family portal and on social media. Please check these communication methods if you are in doubt.

We do!

We also accept payment through CAS. In order to register your student, we need written confirmation from AFK (or other organization) as to the payment arrangement that they’ve offered. Verbal notice is not sufficient to hold a student’s place in a program. We do still need a payment method on file for incidentals like music, costumes, uniforms, etc.

Any Zanshin class may be cancelled with 30-days notice.

If Brio Academy or Zanshin Karate are required to suspend in-person classes due to an emergency declaration or other required closure(s), all classes will continue via Zoom or other live electronic meeting platform.

Students will continue to pay for classes and will receive a 20% discount on fees for group classes. Any one-on-one lessons like private music lessons will continue at the regular rate.

If you choose to withdraw from classes, you may do so according to our 30-day policy. We will not hold spots for students under these circumstances.

Register now to join the Zanshin Karate Family!

Registration for all our programs are handled through Brio Academy! You can register for our Karate and Kinder Kix classes online, and then get ready to enjoy being a part of our award-winning karate club, and a member of the Zanshin Family.